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All Donation/Gift Options

Dear Devotees,

All Glories to your service!

Your ongoing contributions help support these activities at Krishna Island:

  • Deity Worship and Festivals
  • Prasadam Food Distribution
  • Cow Protection
  • Book Publication and Outreach
  • Education and Training



All activities carried out at Lord Krishna’s island are done by volunteers. Many have surrendered their lives to be here and look after the Lord. 

All activities are done in consultation with ISKCON authorities, and under their guidance to help propagate Lord Krishna’s message to everyone.

All decisions are made in alignment with the instructions of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, the Hare Krishna movement.

All gifts are received with thanks and the donations are used in Lord Krishna’s direct service at Hare Krishna Island.

Gifts Are Not Just Monetary

You can offer your time, sweet words, expertise, a prayer, or any material objects that you consider may be useful in Lord Krishna’s service.

If you have some novel idea of how you can help, then please speak directly to one of the devotees at the Temple.

Just get in touch and we can help guide you about the best way to get involved.

Laxmi Offerings (Monetary Gifts)

If you wish to offer Laxmi (a monetary gift) online, you can use the secure payment processor below. [You can set your Gift to be recurring on a monthly basis if you desire by ticking the box on the payment page.]Alternatively, you can place your gift in the box at the Temple.

You can gift anonymously, but many times it’s nice to include a few words or a prayer to Lord Krishna, either as a note in the box, or just speak to a devotee.

Patrons/Subscriptions & Regular Gifting By Direct Debit

How to become an Ongoing Patron Offering Regular gifts.

You can offer online using the button above. [You can set your Gift to be recurring on a monthly basis if you desire by ticking the box on the payment page.]


You can set up a Standing Order with your Bank for any amount:

Print and fill in/and return one of the forms from the links below


You can setup an online subscription/recurring payment here:

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This process costs you nothing, and whatever you buy will still cost you the same amount. It is an agreement between the Temple and AmazonUK.

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