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Prabhupada: In Delhi, we established that center. Ananda Niketan. Full of foreign embassies. So nobody came.

Brahmananda: They came the first night, and that was it.

Prabhupada: Nobody came.

Brahmananda: Neither were they very friendly.

Prabhupada: They thought that “We are living so nicely, embassy and ambassador, and living in such a nice house, comfortably. What is this nonsense, God?” All these embassies and the ambassadors, they are prized post. It has no use. Prized post only. Governors, the embassies, these are invented to satisfy the agitators, politician, because the opposite party will agitate.It has no use. They do not do anything. Simply hold that post and get nice house, nice salary, servants, honor, and sometimes they are called and make some speech. That’s all. And whatever nonsense he may be, if he is governor, then everyone will respect him. And as soon as the same man, he is not governor, nobody goes to kick on his face. I have seen so many governors. When they retire, nobody cares.

(Morning Walk — October 3, 1975, Mauritius)