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Krishna’s cows need your help! We have recently resumed care for the Govindadvipa herd and have no money to make sure they have enough food, bedding or dividers for their cow sheds. The food is most important as it has to be cut now, the bedding will become dearer as the winter approaches. Please help us!

We need £360 sterling to cut, bale, seal and transport their food.
We need £300 sterling for their bedding.
We need to build dividers in our cow sheds so each has their own space.

This is phase one of emergency needs as we will have to support them and plan for their long term care. We appreciate your support and will update on our success and expenditure.

Govindadivpa temple simply does not have the money for these costs.

If you worship Govinda, or simply love animals, please give what you can. Thank you,

Prahlada Maharaja Dasa and Ananda Maya dasi.