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Joining the temple is not for everyone, as we all have different circumstances in which we happen to be living. Still, all those circumstances are temporary manifestations and will not last forever.

One day, we all have to go… So, before this happens we need to learn how to live our lives spiritually in whatever circumstances we happen to be. In that vein, here is our offer to you. Come and stay in the temple to learn the basics of spiritual practice.

To become free from material desires and fixed in Krishna consciousness, training under the guidance of a more advanced practitioner is absolutely required. Of course not everyone can join the temple for a long period due to other commitments in one’s life, still a bit of spiritual training and guidance would help you to make steady progress in your devotional practice.

Thus we offer a variety of joining options, and we hope you will be able to find one suitable for your situation.


Join the ashram for 2 days – choose a weekend and experience temple lifestyle. This will surely give you an ecstatic experience and will keep you going with a better knowledge of spiritual life. You will be able to get a practical guidance on how to practice your spiritual life in your personal situation at home.


Join the ashram for 2 weeks – this is probably a summer holiday option for many, but maybe you don’t have a busy lifestyle, and can afford to come for two weeks. You will experience everything that the first option offers but in more detail and of course, you will have more time to make spiritual friendships with the temple devotees.


Join the ashram for 2 months – Staying for two months in the temple gives you a tangible experience and offers a lot of insight into your own situation. After those two months, you may consider staying longer or going back to your own life, well equipped in spiritual understanding as well as new habits for practice.


Join the ashram for 2 + years – This is for strongly determined individuals who have already gone through some of the previous options, and have reached a clear understanding of what ashram life is like. 
Within this period of time you will undergo a training program preparing you for initiations into the spiritual disciplic succession or parampara. 
Your life will be one of full commitment and surrender in the spirit of unmotivated devotional service for Krishna. Within that time you will be able to deepen your realizations, and become free from the influences of the material life. Of course, your spiritual progress will depend a lot on your attitude and pure spirit in the practice.

If you are interested in any of these do not hesitate to get in touch:
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