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Radha Govinda’s 33rd Anniversary

The Schedule For The Day Will Be:

12.30 – Arati
1.00   – Abhisek
1.45   – Class by His Grace Praghosa Prabhu
2.45   – Kirtana
3.15   – Film by Jago Studio
3.25   – Presentation by Manu Prabhu
3.40   – Feast

Some Background To The Festival

Hare Krishna. We are happy and honoured to invite you to a 32nd anniversary festival of Sri Sri Radha Govinda!!!

PLs come and take part in this great opportunity to glorify the Lord and purify our hearts!

Sri Sri Radha-Govinda have kindly descended in Their Arca Vigraha form. Now we must receive them with loving consciousness. And by serving Them we will all develop pure love of Krsna.

Looking forward to seeing you all here.

** Gift List Ideas **

Laxmi / money for India shopping and outfits [most important]
Oasis for fresh flowers
Spice grinder
Strong clothes hangers
Tin opener
Gift voucher for Argos, Tesco or Asda
Dried fruit and nuts (unroasted)
Cartridges for water filter (Maxtra and Brita classic)
Sponsor the flowers (Before the festival) 200 euro
Sponsor the abhisek (60 euro)
Sponsor Radha Govindas Birthday cake (100 euro)
Sponsor the feast (300 euro)