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Some may think that the time of revolutions is over. Others think revolution is about going against some established political system.
Not many think of a revolution as an internal war against the illusion of our false ego (the image of the self which is only a shadow of a real person). Well, this is what our revolution is about.
It is about going back to the roots or basis of our existence, by giving up the shackles of illusion that we have been victimized by. The real problem of life is lack of knowledge of who we really are. Our life is one of assumed identities, shaped by the place of birth, nation, religion and many other external designations that have nothing to do with our real self, the spirit soul, which is different to it’s external vehicle, known as our body.
Most people do not question their own individual existence, they simply agree to go with the flow of the present trend, and live their life up to the point of death when they simply die without any deeper realization.
Practically, in the present day the average person is more or less animalistic. Just like animal does not know anything beyond eating, sleeping, mating and defending, similarly, the modern civilization is too busy with increasing the techniques of eating and the comfortable life of sleeping, along with increasing sexual life and the method of defense.
So these things, are found even in the animals. They also eat, they also sleep, they also have sex life, and they also defend in their own way. So human life is not limited within these four boundaries. We have to understand what we are, what is this world, what is this creation, what is God, and how it is going on. But most people are neglecting these questions.

Krsna consciousness will give us all the information about this. And this is what we are about. We are here to change our consciousness and make our lives perfect by giving up false hopes, and seriously undertaking the practice of spiritual life.
This is our way of revolution, it is an uprising against the lower self, against the ignorance of our own life, back to the light of spiritual knowledge and spiritual life.

And the method is very simple and sublime,
One just needs to chant this “maha mantra”


This chanting is a sure method of reviving our original consciousness.