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Thanks to kind and generous donation from a lot of you, we completed critically needed heating upgrade of the temple. Now pujaaris (priests) can stay in the temple, perform deity worship, prepare prashadam and keep it functioning.

For phase two of temple’s revival, the temple needs to be made properly habitable so that visitors and devotees can stay and meditate in this serene and blisful location. For that temple urgently needs £30,000 by the end of 2019 to get the following work completed.

  • Renovation of septic tank, toilet and laundry facilities – estimated cost £10,0000
  • Renovation of guests rooms and bathrooms – estimated cost £10,000
  • Resurrect resident cows shelter i.e. a new Barn – estimated cost £10,000. When cows are cared for, everything becomes auspicious and Krsna is pleased

For further details, please click here to watch a short video of the temple and current condition on YouTube, or watch it below.