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Welcome to ISKCON Northern Ireland Volunteering. You will find a great choice of activities that you can get involved in.
If you wish to volunteer for any of these activities please contact the temple reception.

We don’t expect anyone to take on the Hare Krishna philosophy, but we kindly ask you to come with an open heart and mind to experience the “goodness” way of life: simplicity, health, vegetarianism, spirituality and personal growth.

As the Hare Krishna Movement is a vegetarian based faith, we ask all our volunteers to refrain from eating meat, fish, or eggs whilst with us. In addition we do not allow smoking, or drinking/drugs while you are staying with us.

Garland Making

Say it all with flowers! Are you creative and artistic? Then making flower garlands for the altar is one of the sweetest devotional services you can do.
Our festivals also require the most beautiful flower arrangements and displays.

Sunday Feast Volunteering

Volunteers will mainly be helping with preparing the Sunday Feast. Activities options will include chopping of vegetables, cooking, cleaning, serving the feast in the temple room, washing pots, and cleaning the kitchen after the feast.
The Sunday Feast’s Service teams are a great way to make friends and discover your Krishna Consciousness in a fun and spiritually rewarding way.
Please come and get involved…!

General Cleaning

Cleaning has always been a great part of Hare Krishna culture, and in this regard our founder once commented ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. From kings to beggars, everyone can take part in cleaning Krishna’s temple.
Volunteers are always much appreciated, and help is always needed to clean the kitchen, stairs, kitchen pots, temple room, and common areas. Cleaning service is available all day every day, so please feel free to come and get involved. In Hare Krishna culture, simple menial service like this is respected as one of the most powerful ways to transcend the false ego, and this pleases Krishna and His devotees.

Book Distribution

Book distribution is one of the key activities in the Hare Krishna movement. We require volunteers to distribute book on special occasions, or on an adhoc basis suited to your individual circumstances. Please contact temple reception if you are interested.
Book distribution is one of the most important services of the the Krishna Consciousness movement. Our Founder stressed this service over any other service at this time. Please give some of your valuable time and get involved wholeheartedly.


There is also a little garden beside the temple, which can produce quite a range of “non-violent” vegetables annually, if nicely looked after. If you’ve got “green fingers”, and want to dig in, then please get in touch.